Regular Savings:

  • $100.00 deposit to open account
  • $5.00 maintenance fee will be imposed every statement cycle if the daily balance falls below $100.00 any day of the statement cycle
  • This a variable rate account, interest is calculated on a daily balance
  • $20.00 fee will be imposed if the account is closed before 6 months
  • After 7 months of inactivity, a dormant fee of $2.00 per month will be charged to the account until further activity occurs on the account
  • $30.00 excessive activity fee (any transfer or withdrawal over 6 not made in person in a 4-week period is considered excessive)

Christmas & Vacation Clubs:

  • Set up in 50 weekly payments in the amount of $5.00, $10.00, or $20.00
  • If customer pays all 50 payments and is no more than 6 weeks late, they will receive an extra payment
  • If the club account is cashed in early, the customer will lose 2 payments
  • If the payment book is lost, there is a $5.00 processing fee for issuing a new book

Certificates of Deposit

Citizens Bank offers CDs with maturities ranging from 30 days to 5 years. Our interest rates are very competitive.

Individual Retirement Accounts/Roth Certificates

IRA’s certificates are available with maturities up to 5 years.  As with regular CD’s, our interest rates are competitive and our customer service is excellent.  Start planning your retirement today with a Citizens Bank & Trust Co. IRA or Roth account.

Building Blocks

Children savings account starting with $10.00.  No fees.  $1,000.00 maximum balance. At age 18 this account will be changed to a Regular Savings account unless you bring us a valid college ID.   This is an individual account only, not a joint account, in the child's name only.

If you need further assistance from our New Accounts Department or would like to inquire about any of our deposit products, feel free to call any of our Customer Service Reps at 606-666-7575 or e-mail us at  We look forward to helping you and will try to assist you in finding the plan you need to meet your financial goals.





Please be aware that we will NEVER contact you by telephone, e-mail, or other method and ask you personal information about your accounts or your PIN.  Remember, we already have this information. In addition, there are safer options you can use when purchasing items in person, online, or by telephone.  You can use an electronic check conversion or a signature-based transaction with your debit card, in lieu of releasing your PIN. There are several “phishing” scams being attempted on a daily basis and we want our valued customers to be alert and vigilant against these operations.  If you have any questions or think you have been a victim of a phishing scam, please contact us immediately.