About Us

Citizens Bank & Trust Co. was established in 1962 to provide the highest quality of banking services for the citizens of Breathitt and surrounding counties. As co-founder Circuit Judge Ervine Turner said, "A good bank dedicated to the service of the little man and his financial needs". Mrs. Marie R. Turner, Superintendent of the Breathitt County School System and co-founder said, "Truly, a bank for the Citizens of Breathitt County". Mrs. Turner also established the Bank's first motto of "Your confidence is our greatest asset".

Citizens Bank & Trust Co. was the first to bring the newer bank products to the county: first to offer Certificates of Deposit, ATM service, NOW accounts and MMDA, Debit Cards, and Trust Services. We also were the first to perform our own data processing with an in house mainframe computer and now offer Imaged Statements and On-Line Banking.

Citizens Bank & Trust Co. has played an important role in the development and prosperity of the county. Our employees take an active role in helping our community, from serving as treasurers for non-profit groups, to being lay ministers, coaches for little league and soccer, to city councilpersons and School Board Members, always participating, striving and leading our County to a better tomorrow.

Our Board of Directors take an active role in the community and also assume an active role in the Bank’s policymaking. All of our directors are well respected and highly regarded prominent members of the community.




Please be aware that we will NEVER contact you by telephone, e-mail, or other method and ask you personal information about your accounts or your PIN.  Remember, we already have this information. In addition, there are safer options you can use when purchasing items in person, online, or by telephone.  You can use an electronic check conversion or a signature-based transaction with your debit card, in lieu of releasing your PIN. There are several “phishing” scams being attempted on a daily basis and we want our valued customers to be alert and vigilant against these operations.  If you have any questions or think you have been a victim of a phishing scam, please contact us immediately.