Citizens Bank and Trust Co. of Jackson was chartered in 1962. Our primary mission has been to serve the banking needs of Jackson, Ky., as well as Breathitt County and the surrounding counties. Although this mission continues to be the primary driving force behind the bank today, we realize that Internet Banking opens up a whole new area of potential customers and we welcome the opportunity to serve those customers.

We are the youngest and most aggressive bank in the Breathitt County area, but have built a reputation of conservative soundness that has served us well. Through the years, our bank has enjoyed higher quality leadership and staff than our competitors. Our leadership and staff, combined with exceptional customer service have helped us to maintain a major share of our local banking market.

No matter what type of financial product you are looking for, we are dedicated to providing that product combined with the best customer service available.

Currently we offer, in addition to our online services, four ATM locations, three Full Service banking locations, and a 24 hour on call bankline (606-666-BANK). These services create added convenience and access to the information about your accounts when you need it and where you need it.

At Citizens Bank & Trust Co. of Jackson, we are always searching for ways to serve you better.

                                                       Identity Theft 

If you think you have been a victim of Identity Theft please contact us as soon as possible.  For more information, click on the following link:  www.idtheft.gov.




Please be aware that we will NEVER contact you by telephone, e-mail, or other method and ask you personal information about your accounts or your PIN.  Remember, we already have this information. In addition, there are safer options you can use when purchasing items in person, online, or by telephone.  You can use an electronic check conversion or a signature-based transaction with your debit card, in lieu of releasing your PIN. There are several “phishing” scams being attempted on a daily basis and we want our valued customers to be alert and vigilant against these operations.  If you have any questions or think you have been a victim of a phishing scam, please contact us immediately.